Beauty in a small WV town

This is the lake close to where I live.  I got this shot as the ducks were flying in and landing upon the water.  The vast colors and the lighting that day looked magical.  I thought, “No one but God could paint a picture this beautiful and it take your breath away each time you see it.”

IMG_5360 copy

I live in a small town, yes, but we have plenty mountains to explore and wildlife galore.  You never know what you will see as you’re hiking or taking a brisk walk around the lake loop.  Ducks walk up to greet you in hopes you will have them something to eat, fish hopping from the water as you walk and the benches around the edges of the lake are inviting.

People of various ages go out to enjoy hunting, fishing and kayaking.  The public pool attracts many locals on hot summer days and sometimes ATV’s come through the mountains from Va to enjoy this place.  It is the towns main attraction, but it’s beauty leaves us all in awe with every visit.  I grew up fishing and picnicking there all my life, yet it’s beauty still leaves me speechless.

A true Gem in the heart of of small WV town.

IMG_0969-2 copy This is a picture of my daughter that I took while we were exploring.

~The Featured photo was taken by my daughter as I was walking ahead of her to the bridge up ahead.


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“God Is Light”

God ask’s me to go down this path, but I fearfully look back at the path I just traveled. The battles were intense and some I thought would be the one that would take me down for good. I know that God was with me through every one of them, but sometimes it felt I walked alone, fought alone and cried alone.
I look ahead again. What was dark and scary before is now enlightened with the light of God’s face. A sudden Peace flows over me and a boldness that I can not explain. When I look up and see light radiating from the lion of the tribe of Judah’s face, my protector and my shield, I know that no weapon, no device, no plan of the enemy will ever be able to stop me. I boldly grab my sword and shield, put on my full armor and with the strength Jehovah gives me, I head into the unknown. 

Unknown future, Unknown battles, Unknown works and Unknown use’s that God has in store. I trust in Him to protect me as I start this new journey. The light is my guide and the word is my shield. I will not fear, because Jehovah is always looking upon me and I am under His domain of protection.

**God gave me this Prophetic Piece to create and then the story behind it, and He wants us to know:

~Whatever God is asking you to do. Wherever God is asking to to go. However He plans to use you, never be afraid to step out and let Him fulfill His plans for your life. He made you, has had a plan laid out for you before you were born and will get you to your destination if you will fully Trust Him and have Faith that He is all powerful and always in control no matter the situation.  Jeremiah 29:11


Beautiful Captured Memories

This beautiful Maternity Session was one of my most favorite sessions.  We met at the Lake close to where I live and scouted out our shoot location. Liv insisted that Wyatt go on ahead to the place we were scouting just in case there were snakes Ha Ha.  Thankfully none were found.  As we got upon the location and Wyatt showed me the view I was awestruck.  I wondered why I had never went up there before and used this area…..and then I remembered…I am TERRIFIED of snakes, that’s why!  Ha Ha…This location made some of the most beautiful pictures, because of the bridge being in the background.  I love to give my clients unique and memorable photos, even if this place has been used numerous times before there are ways to capture unique memorable photos if you have a fresh eye and look at things in a differently.

As we were capturing one of these moments we felt the wind pick up and noticed that the sky was graying.  I took a couple more shots and then we ran for shelter.  Heavy wind and rain held us captive inside a picnic shelter.  We talked and watched as a couple loaded their Kayaks into the water while it was lighting, even though we had a feeling it was unsafe for them to be in the water at that time.

The rain went on for over half an hour and while this beautiful couple and I were a little wet, they still persisted in continuing with the shoot.  We were able to get a lot of memorable shots in and had a great time making memories for them to cherish for years.

Two weeks later she delivered a sweet little baby boy named Noah.  I was also blessed to be able to spend an afternoon with this little family and capture moments of him and his parents interacting together which were some of my favorite pictures from that session.  Not only are they my friends, I consider them family.  I have been blessed to be able to tell their story from their engagement session to their wedding and then the maternity session as well as their newborn session.  Moments like this is why I love photography.

Pour Love Into My Soul, Oh Lord.

When my heart needs refreshed,

pour out your love rain and quench the thirst in my soul.

Like a web your spirit pours into every fiber of my being.

Every part of me is revived.

Revive me Lord, with your healing Rain

I snapped this photo today on my deck.  Rain drops on a web made a beautiful picture.  I used tips from a blog post on the reader about a close up photo challenge.  I am happy with the way this photo turned out. 

A 4 letter word…

Sailing through this thing called life, at some point or another we find that we feel that 4 letter word.  Sometimes it hits us like a ton of bricks, but other times we have to work to feel it.  What is this 4 letter word I speak of?


An emotion that makes you go crazy, lose your mind, or even makes you do things you never thought possible.

Without it we feel empty, like a part of us is missing.  If we have it we take it for granted….don’t we?!

It’s like a tug of war.  We want to feel loved, but on the other hand when we have only known love our whole lives we will almost always take it for granted.  Is that just a part of our human nature?!

God’s promises to us is that He will always love us no matter what we have done, or who we are.  Yet we take His Love for granted after we are showered with it.  We forget that we have a loving Father watching over us, and that He is always loving us even when we mess up.  God is merciful, ever-loving and forgiving.  All a part of His unconditional Love for us.  That big empty spot in your life can only be filled with Gods love.

That 4 letter word has a new meaning when God comes in and fills your heart.  It will never be the same……………..I should know, He filled mine 15 years ago.        

1 John 4:7   

“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”