“God Is Light”

God ask’s me to go down this path, but I fearfully look back at the path I just traveled. The battles were intense and some I thought would be the one that would take me down for good. I know that God was with me through every one of them, but sometimes it felt I walked alone, fought alone and cried alone.
I look ahead again. What was dark and scary before is now enlightened with the light of God’s face. A sudden Peace flows over me and a boldness that I can not explain. When I look up and see light radiating from the lion of the tribe of Judah’s face, my protector and my shield, I know that no weapon, no device, no plan of the enemy will ever be able to stop me. I boldly grab my sword and shield, put on my full armor and with the strength Jehovah gives me, I head into the unknown. 

Unknown future, Unknown battles, Unknown works and Unknown use’s that God has in store. I trust in Him to protect me as I start this new journey. The light is my guide and the word is my shield. I will not fear, because Jehovah is always looking upon me and I am under His domain of protection.

**God gave me this Prophetic Piece to create and then the story behind it, and He wants us to know:

~Whatever God is asking you to do. Wherever God is asking to to go. However He plans to use you, never be afraid to step out and let Him fulfill His plans for your life. He made you, has had a plan laid out for you before you were born and will get you to your destination if you will fully Trust Him and have Faith that He is all powerful and always in control no matter the situation.  Jeremiah 29:11